The United States is steadily building momentum in the sport of soccer, and appreciation for the game is growing every year. The U.S. men's team is ranked 13th in the world and it's qualified for seven consecutive World Cups -- that's every Cup since 1990. Few people are betting on the U.S. to win the World Cup in 2014 but the team is improving on a competitive level and who knows what the next World Cup might bring. 

But let's forget about high-level play for now; the fundamentals of the game are learned at an early age, and with each new crop of youngsters playing soccer, the popularity of the sport is bound to grow exponentially in the future. There are quite a few organizations in the United States that endeavor to teach soccer to youth, our favorite is the U.S. Soccer Foundation. Now in it's 20th year, the U.S. Soccer Foundation has done a tremendous job bringing soccer to under represented communities in the United States through their programs: Safe Places to Play , Passback , and Soccer for Success .

We look forward to strong U.S. teams in the future. In the meantime it's the work of the U.S. Soccer Foundation and other organizations like them that will teach children the fundamentals and an appreciation for the game. Here is a great video that shows how the U.S. Soccer Foundation is helping to introduce 'The Beautiful Game' throughout communities in the United States. Keep up the good work!

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  • Krista Washington

    Thank you for highlighting our work on your website! We truly appreciate the support of organizations and individuals that believe in using soccer for social change. Together, we can truly make a difference!

    - Krista Washington, Marketing & Communications, U.S. Soccer Foundation

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